Mar 1, 2016

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“Things they never taught you at Design School.”

Dec 8, 2015

"Things they never taught you at Design School" Talk

For those of you who missed the talk and were hoping to benefit, here's some info that I think could be of use to you as an interior designer in the Bahraini market.

I believe that Designers should stick together and help each other. I reached out to young designers in the market and told them the ins and outs of working in Bahrain based on my experience and things I wished I'd known fresh off the bat. I addressed concerns that as a designer you would need to know and get a head start on. Read more

GulfBID / Gulf interiors 2015

May 17, 2015

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Why you should you attend gulf BID / gulf interiors as a member of the architecture & design industry?

  • Know your market.

Every event is good exposure, it's a great opportunity to make contacts and promote yourself, your services, you can either participate as an exhibitor or simply network. You should always be updated and on top of your game. This expo also enables you to be updated on latest services, you will notice that certain companies are expanding and introducing new materials.

  • Stay in contact:

This expo groups all sectors of the construction/design industry under one roof. Cease the opportunity and mingle. You are surrounded by potential clients and partners.

Thank you to the organizers and sponsors for making this happen, it saves people in the industry so much time and enables us to support our fellow suppliers. Read more

It all started with TEDx

Oct 22, 2015

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How did I start my own mission?

Some people have asked me how I decided to start designing on my own. They've asked me what gave me that "push" to start now?

Here's my story: It all started with TEDx 2015.

Participating in TEDx event and RE-create challenge was an eye opening experience for me. I have been reflecting upon starting my own thing for a while and I was all set, all I needed was some clarity. TED helped me find it!

Before attending the event itself some of the local creative thinkers were asked to participate in the RE challenge. The RE challenge was quite simple, the rules were that each person was provided a book, not to read, but to RE-use in some way. Read more