It all started with TEDx

Oct 22, 2015

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How did I start my own mission?

Some people have asked me how I decided to start designing on my own. They've asked me what gave me that "push" to start now?

Here's my story: It all started with TEDx 2015.

Participating in TEDx event and RE-create challenge was an eye opening experience for me. I have been reflecting upon starting my own thing for a while and I was all set, all I needed was some clarity. TED helped me find it!

Before attending the event itself some of the local creative thinkers were asked to participate in the RE challenge. The RE challenge was quite simple, the rules were that each person was provided a book, not to read, but to RE-use in some way.

This challenge makes you step out of the norm and forget what is "expected" of you. How? Simply in that this exercise encourages you to approach a book (which is typical everyday item) in a different way. How often are you handed a book and were told "here you go, make something"?

As a bookworm myself I love literature and to destroy a book and reuse it was a challenge in itself. I was attached to the book before even reading it and I felt obligated to fulfill the book's purpose visually. I felt I should honor the book by creating something that artistically represents the moral of the story. My initial reaction was still quite confined, I was trying to rationalize the task at hand and that was restricting in terms of what I can accomplish with these pages. Therefore, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create something with an intention of achieving something useful and applicable to me.

The challenged begs the question what do you want to RE? Everyone wants to contribute to this world in some way. RE-think, RE-shape, RE-discover. My RE was to RE-use materials and RE-build and I wanted to represent a tool that symbolized building. A hammer would do just the trick.

My RE project was to make a paper mache hammer using the book pages, why a hammer you ask? Because it is a basic tool that simulates building and breaking and that's exactly how I can contribute as an Interior Designer.

So making a paper mache hammer helped me find my path?

Not specifically no, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The main feature was the TEDx event!

This event was supported by Ahlia University and it featured 7 speakers with ideas worth spreading. Each speaker was phenomenal and all of the talks in collaboration encouraged freedom of thought and creativity.

In my opinion, the most inspiring/relatable speaker at the event was Ahmed Al Rawi. "Ahmed Al Rawi is a 19-year old student on the path to becoming an entrepreneur and inventor. He is the founder of the Selfie Station." This young entrepreneur was very personable, resourceful, and self-made.

He was interested in IT and when the subject of his research was not easily accessible, he did not give up he went online and researched. His thirst for knowledge got him to where he is today. A self-taught inventor with great promise.

Thank you to all the speakers, participants and organizers. A special thank you in particular to my friend Sara Abdulla from Al Mawred Edu who introduced me to TEDx.(Ps. Who's TED?)

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